Head shot Eric A. Hess, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Hess was appointed CEO of KeyPoint Government Solutions in March 2014. Prior to joining KeyPoint, Eric served as Chief Operations Officer of First Advantage Corporation, a provider of background screening, identity and information solutions for employers, non-profit organizations, and multi-family housing. more >>

Head shot Toby Luttropp, Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Luttropp was appointed to Chief Operating Officer of KeyPoint Government Solutions in December 2006. He oversees all programs and the shared services functions of KeyPoint with particular focus on information technology. more >>

Head shot Sue Ordakowski, Chief Contracts & Compliance Officer
Sue Ordakowski has been a Vice President of KeyPoint since March 2004. Her role entails a broad scope of business operations support that includes business development, and all aspects of contract and sub-contract negotiation and administration. more >>

Head shot Carolyn Symsack, Chief Financial Officer
Carolyn Symsack has been the Chief Financial Officer for KeyPoint Government Solutions since joining KeyPoint in 2008. In this role, Ms. Symsack is responsible for all of KeyPoint’s financial matters. more >>

Head shot Rory Job, Chief Information Officer
Mr. Job was appointed to Chief Information Officer of KeyPoint Government Solutions in August 2012. more >>

Head shot Michele Nevarez, Chief Human Resources Officer
Before joining KeyPoint Government Solutions, Michele was the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) for McKee Medical Center, an award-winning, community hospital based in Loveland, CO. She headed up the HR function, aligning strategic initiatives to operational capabilities to drive business results. more >>

Head shot Brian Dusza, Chief Project Officer
Mr. Dusza joined KeyPoint in September 2009 as Managing Director of their Security Services Group and was appointed Chief Project Officer in December 2012. more >>

Head shot Martin F. Horn, Managing Director
Martin Horn is a Managing Director in KeyPoint’s Criminal Justice Services practice. His long tenure in the corrections and criminal justice arenas provides strong leadership for this critical service area. more >>

Head shot Rosemary Lark, Managing Director
Rosemary Lark is a Managing Director with KeyPoint Government Solutions. In addition to program management on a due diligence investigations contract, she also manages an emerging KeyPoint practice area focused on providing best-value solutions to the national security and intelligence communities. more >>

Head shot Judith LaPook, Managing Director
Ms. LaPook joined KeyPoint as a Managing Director in the Criminal Justice Services Group for KeyPoint in March 2010. more >>

Head shot John D. Lenoir, Managing Director
Mr. Lenoir is a Managing Director in the Investigative Services Group for KeyPoint Government Solutions. more >>